First Southern Baptist Church Of Westminster

Our mission for children is to connect them to Jesus Christ and God's Word by creatively communicating it in everything we do! We want to lay down the foundation of Biblical truth while giving the Gospel story.

We want to partner with parents to help raise children who are connected to God and to also fulfill the second greatest commandment to love others. We also want to answer questions kids may have, provide events where they can make new friends, and grow together as a family.

In the age of social media, sports, school, college around the corner, and all of life's stressors sometimes it is hard for teens to feel they are connected with each other and Jesus.

We want to connect youth with Jesus, to grow in faith, take ownership of their faith, love people, and embody a Christ-like Character.

Join us as we connect with God and one another through Bible studies, fellowships, and activities. Together, we can grow our faith, and life, deeper and wider.

Connect Point Ministry

Connect Point is coming to God thru His word (Bible), thru prayer, and thru the Holy Spirit. Doing life together.